7 Short non-fiction books that you can read in a day.

Last year, I took four months off from social media. In these months of not scrolling, I did something else; flipping, the pages of my kindle.

Tiny books to tick off your reading list
Tiny books to tick off your reading list

I realized one thing; that it was easier for me to read a book when it had more or less 100 pages. (Talk about the attention span of a millennial.)

I have curated a list of worth-reading non-fiction books that won’t take a huge chunk of your time. I also believe that more pages do not necessarily mean more knowledge or information. (Although there are many exceptions like by…

I flew to Bangalore a week ago (yeah, I know. I took precautions.) and bought a packet full of organic filter coffee powder. I don’t have a decoction so I DIY’ed it using the tea strainer and nylon cloth thingy.

I have been off coffee and tea for 7 months now (since lockdown). The sudden hit I received from this coffee got me writing this article. I couldn’t celebrate the Coffee Day that was on 1st October, albeit dedicating this article to my favorite long-distance drug (LDD?)

“Writing is not my forté,” I remember telling my therapist in our first…

Whenever I think of something to write, I put it off like it’s gonna stay in my memories forever and I can take it out whenever I want to write about it. I know it’s not going to happen. At the end of the day, I don’t get around actually getting it on paper (or word document, in this case.)

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Yesterday I was thinking about how I didn’t have close friends growing up and how I got around making such amazing friends that I have right now. My therapist says that most of our patterns which we don’t understand come…

Today is the day! On this world suicide prevention day, I made this list of things I’m grateful for. It’s just a reminder for my own self. But I realized why not tell these things to the world. Maybe some will relate and some might want to share some of their own things to be grateful for, then I’ll also relate to them. It’s an unfaltering cycle!

Sunrises & Sunsets

I was on where we started climbing at around 2am. The goal was to reach the summit before sunrise. …

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Very recently I had a huge breakdown. Mostly because of something that had happened in the past. I kept crying for a week, even though I knew the reason why this was happening I couldn’t understand the reason I was crying. There was nothing unusual in my routine. If you see it from the outside.

It constitutes Yoga, Meditation, reading books, having food on time, a balanced work schedule, and enough entertainment in the evening. One thing I was lacking in my life was my relationships. People! How did I even?

You need emotional support, you are a social animal…

Indirect wisdom I’ve gained from a Netflix series (and a bunch of other funny screenshots)

I prolonged watching this series for quite a while. Part of the reason why is, the series takes a lot of time to complete and no matter how many episodes you watch, you will feel that urge to get to the end of it. Also, writing this article because they’ve released the Interactive special for the series. Although this article includes solely the wisdom of the initial 4 seasons.

Let’s get to it!


1.Lilian’s word of advise when Kimmy is indecisive about chasing her ex-lover who is already fake-married to someone else.

I woke up an hour before sunrise to get that dreamy sunrise time-lapse at the lake. Packing my bag for the day, I headed out from my hostel at dawn. It was still dark outside. I bathed in the chilly water when there was no hot water running to save myself from that extra trip to the hostel and back.

I walked past a cute cafe I had liked when I was strolling around last night. The dog outside of the cafe barked at me (Of course! …

Recently I started working on new projects. To be specific, wedding photo and video projects. It was the and I have good knowledge of cameras and video, I thought of earning some fortune this season.

My friend and I had this idea for a long time. We both compliment each other in business because she is an amazing photographer and I mostly do videos. But well, we didn’t have any portfolio. All we did together was going on a few photo-walks where we click each other’s portraits, but mostly street photography.

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I suggested, we’ll do some work…

Well, today! A pretty Saturday. I actually planned to make chocolates. It brings me joy. Making chocolates and giving them to my loved ones to eat. Looking at the joy they feel while having a bite. I love it!

I ended up making a cake instead. Which turned out to be not so good, less sugar. I thought about what to do about my not-so-good cake. I remembered that I had watched this video once on YouTube. This young lady makes chocolate truffles from the crumbled cake. …

In February 2018, YouTube Creators offered me a scholarship. An Incubator programme with .

What did that include?

3 months of Hot Desk and community access to my nearest .

I thought of it as a commute. That included me leaving home and reaching to the space, 2 hours of daily commute vs. working from home which offers me the flexibility to work anytime I want and wherever I want to.

Working in a co-working space was just like another job for me with the flexibility to work on any projects I wanted to. Meaning, there was no one to tell me when…

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I write about Books, Travel, Films & Feminism. When I’m not creating content; you‘ll find me skiing in the Himalayas, reading memoirs, and petting stray dogs.

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